How much notice do I need to order a cake?

We will do our very best to accommodate your order and recommend 1- 2 months notice for bespoke cakes. Ordering 3-6 months in advance is ideal for wedding cakes, this gives us enough time to chat about your big day and provide you with some cake samples. To avoid disappointment, the sooner the better as these time frames still may not guarantee availability for your function date.


How do I place an order?

To start the order process please proceed to our contact page, completing all the information required including a message about your enquiry. We will then contact you as soon as possible, either by email or phone, to discuss your order.


I’ve sent you an email, how long until I hear from you?

We are elbow deep in cake mix on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, delivering Saturdays and recovering on Sundays…we promise we will get to you as soon as possible!


I love your featured cakes but can you custom design my cake? 

Absolutely! We love making our cakes unique for your special day. It’s always great to see images of things you love, not just cakes but also images of inspiration for your function. The more information the better. If you’re unsure of a design, that’s fine, let’s chat about it.


How much do your cakes cost?

Our cakes are completely custom made and therefore pricing is very much dependent on complexity of design, size and number of servings required. Cakes start from $180, single tiers starting from this price. A customised quote will be provided catering for your needs. We are happy to work to a budget and encourage you to let us know.


What cake flavours do you offer?

Our full selection of cake flavours will be listed on your quote. Some of our selections include:

• Chocolate Mud Cake
• White Mud Cake
• White Raspberry Mud Cakes
• Orange Mud Cake
• Lemon and Coconut
• Expresso Mud Cake
• Butter cakes

Layered with a delicious ganache or flavoured butter cream
…. and more!


What makes up a typical cake?

Our cakes are typically 3-4 inches in height. Depending on your choice of cake, it will be made up of three layers, including either ganache or butter cream.


Will I need coffee or dessert size portions?

Our quotes are based on coffee size portions, which are a perfect size if you’re planning to serve your cake as a little extra treat for your guest. If  you would like to serve your cake as your dessert let us know and we will quote you based on a dessert size portion. We are happy to discuss your function and advise you on how much cake you will need if you’re not sure.


How do I cut up my cake?

Portion sizes are based on cutting your cake in a grid like fashion, this may vary depending on your cake design. It’s easier than you think! Using a clean, warm knife every cut will guarantee the perfect slice of cake. We will guide you or your venue on the best way to portion your cake. We will provide you with the right size cake to feed your guest but  actual portion numbers cannot be guaranteed as serving slightly larger or smaller than our recommended size will affect the total number of your final servings.


Can I have more than one flavour?

In most cases yes, generally one flavour per tier. If you would like two flavours let us know and we will confirm if your cake design allows.


Does Sweet Cakes of Mine offer cake sampling and how does it work?

Yes, to weddings and selected large orders. Once we have discussed your cake and have all the information required, we will provide you with a quote. If you’re happy, we will arrange a time for you to enjoy some of our cake samples. It’s simply a matter of choosing four different flavours from our selection, picking them up from Oakleigh South and taking them home to enjoy. We offer our samples every second month for $40. If you proceed with your cake order $40 will be deducted from the final payment of your cake.


Do you cater for allergies?

We are very careful when it comes to allergies and dietary requirements; however, as we bake all types of cakes containing gluten, nuts and other know allergens, we cannot guarantee there are not any traces of these ingredients. Your cake may contain traces of nuts, gluten and all other know allergens.


How long will my cake last and how do l look after my cake?

All our cakes are baked especially for your day and will come with care instructions for you or your venue. Fondant decorated cakes should not be refrigerated. They are best kept in their box, stored in a cool spot away from direct sunlight, ideally below 21 degrees, air conditioning is ideal. Fondant cakes will be damaged if they get wet or exposed to moisture. If your cake requires refrigeration we will specify this on your quote. Your cake should last 3 days if looked after as above. If you have any cake left over it is best stored in an air tight container in the fridge.


Deposit and payments?

On acceptance of your quote, a confirmation email will be sent to you with all payment details. To confirm your order and secure your date, a  non refundable deposit is required. Your order will only be considered booked once a deposit is received. The full balance of your order is required to be paid a minimum of 14 business days prior to your delivery or collection date. Generally bank transfer is preferred but if this doesn’t suit let me know and we can discuss other options. Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities.


What if the date of my function changes or is cancelled?

If your function date has changed you are required to notify us 14 business days prior to your delivery or collection date. Please note we cannot guarantee availability if this occurs. If you notify us of a cancellation 14 business days prior, you will be refunded any payments made minus your deposit. If you notify us of a change of date or cancellation later than 14 business days before you delivery or collection date, we do not refund any money paid. Credits will not be issued.


Once I have agreed to a cake design can I change my mind?

We ask that if you have second thoughts and a change of mind that all changes need to be finalized no later than 14 business days before your delivery or collection date. Design changes may be subject to a revised quotation.


Do you deliver?

All wedding and selected large cakes will be delivered. Cost of delivery will be included in your quote and is calculated on distance from our premises to the venue location.


Where and when do I collect my cake from?

We are located in Oakleigh South. Upon receipt of your quotation we will state the collection times available. We will confirm the time and address on confirmation of your order. If for unforeseen circumstances you need to change your collection time, please let us know ASAP. All our orders are perfectly timed so we are here ready and waiting for you. We will do our very best to accommodate a change in collection time, but we hope you understand due to pending deliveries we are often on a tight schedule on the weekends.


How should I transport my cake?

Your cake will be packaged and ready for a safe drive home. We recommend most cakes go flat on the floor, flat in the boot of your car or even better bring a friend along to hold it. Whilst we take great care in preparing your cake to be sturdy for its travels, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage once your cake has left our premise.